Monday, April 4, 2011

60 Useful Irregular Verbs!


be am/are was / were
become becoming became
begin beginning began
break breaking broke
bring bringing brought
buy buying bought
catch catching caught
choose choosing chose
come coming came
do doing did
draw drawing drew
dream dreaming dreamt/dreamed
drink drinking drank
drive driving drove
eat eating ate
fall falling fell
feed feeding fed
feel feeling felt
fight fighting fought
find finding found
fly flying flew
forget forgetting forgot
get getting got
give giving gave
go going went
grow growing grew
have having had
hear hearing heard
hold holding held
hurt hurting hurt
know knowing knew
learn learning learnt/learned
leave leaving left
lose losing lost
make making made
meet meeting met
pay paying paid
quit quit quit
read reading read
run running ran
say saying said
see seeing saw
sell selling sold
send sending sent
sing singing sang
sit sitting sat
sleep sleeping slept
speak speaking spoke
spend spending spent
stand standing stood
swim swimming swam
take taking took
teach teaching taught
tell telling told
think thinking thought
understand understanding understood
wake waking woke
wear wearing wore
win winning won
write writing wrote

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